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What our customers have to say about us:

“Air Quality Control was responsive, professional, and tidy. They installed the system in my home the day after I called. My radon level is now under one, and the system is practically invisible. I recommend them highly to anyone who needs a radon mitigation system.” - Cheryl McCoy

“When we found out that the home we were buying had a radon level twice the limit, I thought we were going to have to look for a different home to buy. I spoke to Jamey at AQCA. He assured me that radon problems are very common and can be corrected in any home. We are now living in our new home, radon-free!” - Donald & Cathy Allen

“Radon was found by the home inspector when I was selling my home. I needed to close on the sale within a week or would have lost out on the home I wanted to buy. I couldn’t sell my home until the problem was fixed. I contacted Air Quality Control Agency who installed an extraction system to take the radon out. Because they were able to come out quickly, they saved the sale of my house and I was able to buy my new home. Their staff was wonderful to work with.” - Sandi Beardsley

“When radon becomes an issue for our clients, the only company that we trust and recommend is Air Quality Control Agency.” - Lynne VanDeventer, Colwell Banker Real Estate

“Your company was a pleasure to do business with. Your service was prompt and professional; even on short notice.” - Kenneth McKendrick

“Thank you for being so kind and considerate. Your tech who installed our system was truly wonderful and very professional representative of your company.” - Joyce Reynolds

“I’d like to give a special thank you for the excellent service. I appreciate the fact that one of your representatives came out to explore all of the system possibilities and made us feel comfortable before installing it. To top off a good experience, he came back on a Saturday to install the system so I didn’t have to take time off work.” - Rudy Cheney

“Thank you for all your assistance and excellent work! Our monitor is now reading 1.0 on the long-term test.” - Gloria Sies

“When it comes to radon, no one does it better than Air Quality Control.” - Dodie Neller, Realtor

“I wish to commend your installer, Jim, for doing a neat, efficient, and responsible job installing the radon mitigator in my basement. He arrived promptly at 8:00am, surveyed the job, identified the best place for the system, and worked to the end. After installing the system, he left the work are nice and tidy. Thank you for sending him. I will recommend him and your company to any one of the thousands of homeowners in this area who need a mitigator. PS- It is a delight to work with honest, responsible people!” - Richard P. Turner

“Our post-mitigation radon test results came back 0.9 pCi/l. Thank you! You were trustworthy, prompt, and efficient. I would be happy to recommend you!” - Ruth Oppenheimer

“Your crew was very polite and neat. I wanted to let you know they did a great job. Keep up the good work!” - Mrs. Betty Burton

“Yesterday, your technician installed a radon reduction system at my home. I would like you to know that he was great to work with, showed up when he said he would and knew the radon subject well. The installation was a bit tricky and he was able to fit the outlet pipe within a very small joist space where it was out of the way. A very nice job and I am thoroughly happy how the work was done. Thank you!” - Brian Woodward

“I would like to thank you so much for the radon system you put in our house. Your installer did an outstanding job! Not only was he professional, but he answered all of my questions (and there were many) and his workmanship was superb. He went above and beyond to make recommendations and change things to make everything work best for our household. What an asset you have in him as an employee. Our radon is now down from a 22 to 0.5. Thank you so much for helping make my family safe. If anyone should ask for a reference, you may give them my name and phone number.” - Lisa Suidgeest

“The entire Air Quality staff was a pleasure to work with. I would have no problem referring them to anyone.” - David Peck

“We have had Air Quality Control do numerous radon inspections and mitigation systems for our buyers/sellers. They have always been professional and efficient. We always recommend them for radon services.” - Nena O. Bondarenko, Real Estate Group

“My wife and I lived in our home for 8 years before we tested it for radon and found an excessively high level. I contacted Air Quality Control Agency. They were very helpful at answering all of my questions and assuring me that the problem could be fixed. I hired them to install a radon removal system which brought our radon level under 2. We are grateful to have found them. I can’t thank them enough for making our air cleaner and our home safer.” - Bennett Crandall

“Air Quality has been consistently responsive to our inspection needs and prompt in the delivery of their service. They have also provided installation of mitigation systems for our clients in a timely and efficient manner.” - Kathy Birchen, Realtor

“Your guys did such a great job with the system in my home, that I am going to tell all of my neighbors about you. Thanks for the great service!” - Sandra O’Leary


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