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Colorado Map of Radon Zones


zone 1 Zone 1 counties have a predicted average indoor radon screening level greater than 4 pCi/L (pico curies per liter) (red zones) Highest Potential
zone 2 Zone 2 counties have a predicted average indoor radon screening level between 2 and 4 pCi/L (orange zones) Moderate Potential
zone 3 Zone 3 counties have a predicted average indoor radon screening level less than 2 pCi/L (yellow zones) Low Potential


Colorado Zone Map


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  -   Call (303) 466-2626  -  Air Quality Control offers the following services: radon mitigation, testing, and remediation.  They specialize in radon gas abatement, measurement, reduction, and removal.  They are one of the Nation's largest radon companies and install high-quality, affordable radonmitigation systems.  To reduce your home's radon levels or for radon gas measurement options, contact Air Quality Control at 1-800-420-3881.  (Other [improper] search terms: raddon, raidon, raydon, radeon mitigator, midigation, radongas, radontesting mitigater, remitigation contractor, radon mediation, mitigaton company, abatment.)  -  Air Quality Control Agency Inc. Denver offers radon mitigation services throughout Colorado including the following cities: Denver, Littleton, Boulder, Broomfield, Aurora, Longmont, Fort Collins (Ft. Collins), Parker, Arvada, Englewood, Loveland, Castle Rock, Golden, Louisville, Westminster, Lafayette, Erie, Evergreen, Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Morrison, Elizabeth, Monument, Lyons, Windsor, Johnstown, Pine, Berthoud, Larkspur, Dillon, Dacono, Mead, Ward, and All of CO.  They install radon gas remediation systems in the following counties:  Jefferson, Arapahoe, Denver, Adams, Elbert, Douglas, Boulder, Gilpin, Clear Creek, Summit, Park County, Teller, Boulder, Grand, Eagle, Lincoln, El Paso, Crowley, Fremont, Chaffe, Lake, Pitkin, Jackson, Broomfield, Morgan, Washington, Weld, Larimer, Garfield, Routt, and all other Colorado Counties.







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